Amazing response to Landline story

I have been overwhelmed by the response from people who saw last week’s ABC Landline program, and the wonderful story about show cooking prepared by reporter Pip Courtney. Pip and her crew followed cook Edna O’Neill as she prepared entries for the Royal Queensland Show, and then was there on judging day as a formidable team of judges tested and tried more than 800 entries. I was there too, in my quest for Australia’s best show cooks, and had the opportunity to talk about the world of show cooking and why I want to write about it. Within 24 hours of the program going to air, my inbox was full of emails from people keen to share their own experiences and to nominate potential cooks for the next book, and to order books too. It is obvious that Pip’s thoughtful and entertaining piece struck a chord with many people – not just keen bakers, but those of us with treasured memories of the local show, and the friends and relatives who have taken part over the years. A tradition obviously alive and well in many parts of rural Australia… If you missed the story you can view it on the ABC website. Pip also wrote a lovely piece on her blog about her own memories of holidays with her grandmother and the art of show cooking.

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